Chicken Proof Doors Only Work When Closed.

Like so many other things in life, we only get out of things what we put into them.  I may have the most chicken proof door possible, but if I leave it wide open….it doesn’t do much good.   I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 
Eli screamed here use my water bottle daddy.  Get it.  Cook it, Cook it.  How about we pet it and let ig back out side instead?

Eli screamed here use my water bottle daddy. Get it. Cook it, Cook it. How about we pet it and let it back out side instead?










Out you go.

Out you go.

Nothing to be scared of here.

Nothing to be scared of here.

Everyone like a friendly chicken right?

Everyone likes a friendly chicken right?

On a completely unrelated note….the kids finished their first few days of school and they seem to be really liking it so far.  As promised, here’s their sports day uniforms.  Looking smart, as everyone says around here.
Ready to rumble.  On their first sports day they got to go swimming.  Pretty good start, they had a great time.

Ready to rumble. On their first sports day they got to go swimming. Pretty good start, they had a great time. Ian, out.

Here’s some thoughts from Anne today:Somewhere along the line when Eli was a baby I found a great little journal book that helps you record the funny things kids say as they grow up. It’s a great little book with pockets and great suggestions on where to keep paper and a pen so you can avoid missing the best comments.It seems that Lucy has far fewer funny grammatical error comments than Eli did at this age. She is a very verbal kid who can already express things like, “I feel fus-tated” “E-yi hurt my feelings” “E-yi call me bay-bee. I not baybee!” “E-yi I don’ like you touching me!” All said in a very husky and LOUD voice. Generally followed by screams.The liitle journal book advises that some of the best comments from kids can be collected in the car. This is true. We’ve had most of our philosophical and deep conversations in the car.Yesterday Eli asked how God created the world. Followed by: “What are we made of?” I replied with a straight, “The dust of the earth which God blew in to” rather than snipes and snails and puppydog tails….In the car on the way to school today Ian told Eli he wanted him to learn the name of one kid at school so he could tell daddy it when he came home. True to the task, Eli learned a name.Pole. Pole? We finally figured out that he was trying to say “Paul”. Imagine his British teacher saying, “Paul” and you can see how it ends up “Pole”. Eli has already named him, “The naughtiest boy”. That is funny with a british accent too. I asked, “Why is he naughty” to which Eli matter of factly replied, “God just made him naughty”. I asked if he had to go sit in the naughty chair. Eli shrugged no…..which was followed by the following whispered comment, “I was a little naughty too.” He wouldn’t elaborate on what being “a little naughty” was.Guess that will give me something to chit chat with the teacher about this weekend at the school bazaar. I’m quite interested to see what a school bazaar looks like in Kenya. I’m hoping for cute crafty African type things…but we’ll see.  Anne



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Cindi on May 22, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    when are you online??? I have tried to skype you several times at different times of the day. Alek want to talk to his Auntie Anne and his cousins.


  2. Posted by Karissa on May 23, 2009 at 5:29 am

    I think it is funny that Eli immediately jumped to “cook it” when he found the chicken. Rhiannon only just had the epiphany that she was eating a living creature this week. She was eating calamari and asked why it was a tube. When I explained that it was part of the squid’s arm, she looked rather shocked, but she ate it anyway (she loves calamari). This conversation went on to chicken, hamburger, ribs, etc. It was an eye-opening moment for her. 🙂


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