An exciting evening for the kids.

Guess what Ian's watching....

Guess what Ian's watching....

Eli's on the edge of he seat for... Eli’s on the edge of he seat for…
...for moderately inappropriate adult humor clown guy at Eli's first Kenyan kiddie birthday party.

...for moderately inappropriate adult humor clown guy at Eli's first Kenyan kiddie birthday party.

Tired out from a great party....loving the paper car mask.

Tired out from a great party....loving the paper car mask.

Oh yeah..our other child..shee hada great time too.

Oh yeah..our other child..shee had a great time too.

So exciting, last week we were invited to our first child birthday party.  It was on Wed evening here in Thika for a boy, Jay, in the kid’s class.  It took us over an hour to find the place, it’s less than 10km from our house.  The directions were less  than detailed and we asked about 10 people for directions each of them pointing us in another direction. 
It was at 1 of the 2 athletic / social clubs  in town so you’d think it would be an easy place to find.  Well you, along with us would be wrong.  When we finally found the place it was down this tiny, dirt alley that you could never guess led anywhere.   Well it did, and we arrived about an hour and 15min late.  Didn’t seem to be a problem though.  We were warmly welcomed.   It looked like most of the people at the party were children, family or staff of the Imani School. 
The fesivities started with a magic show by a clown who at one point used some really inappropriate adult humor…but only Ian and I seemed to catch it thank goodness.   No Copperfield, but the kids enjoyed the show.  Then there was cake, a full meal, and some fun kid games.  We made lots of freinds and Eli got another invite to come to another boys house on Friday.  His new buddy Maanav.  By the end of the party, the kids were very tired, overstimulated, and just plain done.  We went home and put them right to bed, clothes, masks, candystains and all.  It was a great evening for them.  A tiring but good evening for us.  It was great to meet some friendly adults in our community who are well established and welcoming.  Most of these families are from India, but have been established in Kenya for at least 3 generations.  They are generally business people of some variety or another.
On Friday we had a playdate with Maanav at his went great.  His mother Poonam was so welcoming, they have a beautiful home that you would never guess could exist here in Thika.  Huge back yard with regular cut grass, a swing, slide, teeter totter.  Very nice, and very refreshing to be welcomed to their home.  They live there with 11 family members total, so you can imagine that it  is a pretty large house.  Two brothers, their wives, 5 children and the grandmother and grandfather.  The grandfather designed the home…which would fit right in at Forest Heights there in Portland.  Travertine floors, granite counters, multiple stoves, fancy furniture/decor.  They have the most lovely garden with manicured flower beds that were done all up in different geometric patterns.  You name it.  And everything spotless and clean.  I know that we have the rich and the poor there at home, but the contrast here is so incredibly drastic, and it feels like we are attempting to straddle both worlds.  It is good though to have connections throughout the community to draw on.
Just for a little contrast to the party's a lone Maasai watching the traffic jam at the roundabout. Just for a little contrast to the party pics…here’s a lone Maasai watching the traffic jam at the roundabout.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Anna on May 30, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    wow – still can’t get over the experiences you are having


  2. Posted by Er on May 31, 2009 at 9:29 am

    Love that Eli is the only one in any of the pictures at the party wearing the mask. 🙂 (Is he still wearing it?)


  3. Posted by Eve on June 1, 2009 at 12:08 am

    Is that Craig in the clown outfit? Awesome he made an appearance in Kenya. Where is Ian’s party hat?


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