Our family

So you’ve stumbled upon the May family record of our life in Kenya, Africa and how that has changed and influenced our lives to date!


We went from a family of 4 when leaving for Kenya in May 2009

and came home a family of 5 in August 2010!

Our hearts and lives are forever tied to Kenya!


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  1. Hi Anne, I learned of your site from Karen Knight’s. I actually was in the youth group at the same time as you both, just a little younger so you may not remember me (Jennifer Marquardt-I was good friends with Jolie Drahn :)!) I don’t know yet how “stumbling” on this will affect our journey, but I have been praying for my family and what God is asking us to do in response to His love and care for the orphaned. So anyways… all that to say I was blessed when I heard of your service to the Lord! And I look forward to learning more! 🙂


  2. Posted by Pam Ogden on June 22, 2009 at 6:44 pm

    Hi Ian and Anne! I’m not sure if Ian would remember me, but I went to NNC (back when it was still called NNC, and I was still called Pam Clem) with him Freshman year. I visit my parents’ church (Sunset) once in a while, and heard Pastor Ron ask for prayer for you guys when you were leaving for Africa. Then I saw your picture in the program this week and from there found your blog. I’ve read through it, and it’s fascinating! You are a wonderful writer, Anne, and your children are beautiful. I will be checking back often so I can keep up with you guys. God bless you for answering His call!


  3. Posted by rochelle silver on February 22, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Hi Anne – just recently stopped in the dental office to say hello to Linda and found out you were in Kenya. Grant and I and 8 others from his family will be in Kenya in October. Don’t know if you’ll still be there or if we could meet anyway because of our schedule. But I am reading some of your blog and haven’t yet found out what exactly you’re doing there but I will continute to read.
    If you don’t remember me – think Portland to Coast.


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